Up & Coming Brands

We are all familiar with the household names of Korda, Nash, CC Moore and the like, and for good reason – they are all quality brands.

Yet there is a multitude of up and coming brands you may not yet be familiar with which also sell on TackleTarts, who offer superb value, excellent quality and a passion for what they do. Here are a few in alphabetical order:


 1. Affordable Angling

Known for a wide range of terminal tackle at great prices. Prices start from £0.50, and shipping is only £1.30 – which becomes free over £20. Imitation bait, rig bits etc



2. Barrs Angling

You may very well have already heard of Barrs as they are very well known throughout the industry for amazing deals on particles and leads, as well as stellar customer service. They are a go-to repeat favourite for a lot of our customers



3. Beast Baits

Not many companies can claim that they had a helping hand in landing a UK 50lb, but Beast Baits is one of them. Known for their range of frozen and shelf life boilies, they also do some really amazing bundle deals, glugs, pop-ups and wafters



4. BMG Tackle

BMG has the massive advantage of offering free shipping on all their products. They have a wide range of terminal tackle which includes rig bits, boom sections for around £6 and ready-made rigs



5. Jungle Warfare

Want to stand out and look stylish on the bank? Jungle Warfare have an awesome range of unique clothing designed for comfort and practicality. Their cap is a favourite of ours around the TackleTart’s office



6. Majestic Tackle

Looking for quality end tackle at affordable prices? Then look no further than Majestic Tackle. Their diffusion range is designed to camouflage itself invisibly on the lake bed. Prices start for £1.50, with £1 shipping



7. UberBaits

Quality without compromise

There is a growing range of bait makers dedicated to providing high-quality baits using only the best ingredients, and UberBaits definitely falls into this category. They have a great range of not only boilies, but also amazing bundle deals