TackleTarts is a marketplace, similar to eBay or Amazon, but dedicated to fishing tackle. This means that all products listed are fulfilled by one of our many handpicked tackle shops. This means we have one of the widest range of in-stock fishing products in the UK

Unlike eBay, we don’t operate a “list and leave” policy but work closely with our network of tackle shops to make sure that they are fully supported to be able to provide you, the customer, with the latest and greatest tackle, quickly and cheaply

Just like eBay, it is our sellers who carry the stock. One of the biggest issues facing the fishing industry is that product is dispersed across a huge network of retailers, making finding what you want difficult.

Bringing together the UK’s leading tackle shop’s stock enables us to offer a very broad range of products

All sellers have a seller account, just like eBay. When you make an order on TackleTarts the order is accepted and processed directly on our platform. The tackle shop gets s notification that an item has sold. They log in and ship it to you

That’s brilliant, you have your favourite bait from one vendor and your favourite hooks from another.  That is no problem, you can order from as many as you want.   The items will be dispatched separately and there maybe be a delivery fee from each vendor.

Don’t worry, we carefully select our sellers.   Contact them directly and they will process your items.   If you can’t remember their details, they will be located on our seller page.

All delivery fees are set by the vendors.  Check out their terms, a couple of extra hooks could mean free delivery!

If you need to contact us because of an order, please visit our dedicated order support page

For general enquires hit us up on our contact page, or through Facebook

We use Paypal as our primary payment provider. They accept both Debit/Credit cards and Paypal accounts

Using Paypal means you are always protected as a buyer

Paypal offers 3-4 motnhs interest free financing and up to 24 months financing with interest depending on your circumstances.


To apply add your product to cart and visit the cart page. There will be a “Paypal Credit” option there